Precious Plastic East and the Litter Arcade Offers Real World Fun for Children at 2023 Festival

May 24, 2023

Precious Plastics Litter Arcade

Our Clifftop Festival committee is always on the lookout for new and exciting experiences to include in every festival programme to keep it fresh and the community engaged.  2023 is no exception. We are thrilled to announce the inclusion of the innovative and engaging Litter Arcade by Precious Plastic East in this year’s line-up.


The Litter Arcade, crafted by Precious Plastic East, promises to captivate festival-goers of all ages with its simplicity and fun. Inspired by Yarmouth’s arcades, the Litter Arcade transforms arcade favourites like the penny pusher to incorporate plastic litter. This exciting new addition to the festival perfectly aligns with the Gorleston Clifftop Festival’s environmental objectives of maintaining a clean and tidy clifftop area. This interactive and educational gaming experience provides an opportunity for everyone attending the festival to actively participate in the responsibility for our local environment whilst also enjoying quality time with family and friends.

The Litter Arcade is a simple but clever initiative that encourages children to get involved in cleaning up their surroundings by transforming a seemingly mundane task into an enjoyable adventure. Equipped with litter pickers provided by Precious Plastic East, young participants embark on a thrilling quest to discover hidden litter treasures scattered throughout the clifftop area. This immersive activity not only highlights the importance of environmental stewardship but also promotes physical activity and outdoor exploration in a fun and engaging manner.


By integrating the Litter Arcade into the Clifftop Festival, the committee aims to achieve two significant outcomes. Firstly, festival-goers will be treated to an extraordinary real world gaming experience (look no tech!) that seamlessly combines entertainment and environmental awareness, leaving a lasting impression on their visit. Secondly, the festival will benefit from a substantial reduction in post-event litter, as the Litter Arcade inspires active contribution to the clean-up effort.


Dan Harper, the organiser of the Precious Plastic East Litter Arcade, wholeheartedly embraces this project, drawing from his successful implementations at events such as the First Light Festival and the East Point Pavilion beer festival. His previous experiences have demonstrated the positive impact the Litter Arcade has on minimizing litter left behind, solidifying its status as a valuable addition to the upcoming Gorleston Clifftop Festival in 2023.


This is a wonderful collaboration of two community focused organisations and represents a significant step forward in promoting environmental consciousness and community involvement. Together, we, along with Precious Plastic East, volunteers, and festival-goers, strive to create an unforgettable experience that inspires a more sustainable and responsible future for all.


To learn more about Precious Plastic East’s grassroot plastic recycling workshop and their remarkable Litter Arcade please visit their website and find them on social media.

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