Pavilion Theatre Quiz Night a Great Success

Jun 8, 2023

What a night we had! Hosted by the Gorleston Pavilion Theatre, the atmosphere was electric for our highly anticipated Clifftop Festival fundraiser quiz. With 24 teams competing for the title, it really was a battle of wits, knowledge, and pure entertainment, all guided by talented Quiz Master, Susan Schomberg.

The stage was set, the teams were ready, and the anticipation was palpable as the quiz began. Participants were treated to ten rounds of brain-teasing questions, each one more challenging than the last. The round categories were carefully crafted to inspire and test. Questions about both real and fictional books sparked animated discussions among the teams, showcasing their passion for literature, while the ‘Guess the Year’ questions had everyone digging deep into their memories. The Pavilion Theatre truly came alive as film soundtracks played through the state-of-the-art sound system, creating an enchanting atmosphere that transported us into the world of cinema.

A highlight of the evening drew smiles and laughter when quiz host Susan surprised everyone with her impromptu and soulful rendition of a classic advert jingle during the Ad Slogans round. Susan’s performance really was high quality and drew resounding applause throughout the theatre and an encore request.

There was something for everyone, ranging from music and TV to the intriguing category called “Charles,” where the challenge was to identify people or places with Charles in their name. Of course, no quiz night would be complete without a general knowledge round, and the GKQ round had everyone on their toes, especially with the local general knowledge question about Nelson and Anna. Sports enthusiasts flexed their mental muscles during the sport category, while foodies savoured the food and drink round questions. It was a fabulous night that brought the community together, challenging minds, testing memories, and forging friendships.

Ultimately the winners emerged, their faces beaming with pride and excitement, walking away with bottles of fine wine as their well-earned prize. But it wasn’t just the overall winners who had reason to celebrate. The bonus anagram round also awarded a delectable chocolate-dipped biscuit prize to the deserving winners.

A heartfelt thank you goes to the Pavilion Theatre for opening their doors and making this night possible. Their support has been truly invaluable in ensuring a smooth experience both behind the scenes and on the night. It’s wonderful to see two established Gorleston institutions united by a common goal, harnessing the power of collaboration and community spirit to benefit the wider community. We deeply appreciate the generosity of everyone who attended and helped make the event such a huge success.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the Pavilion Theatre management and staff, the Clifftop Festival organisers, and the support of the local community, the raffle alone raised £298.50 towards festival running costs. Of this total, £187.50 was in cash, and £111 was collected using our brand new Sum-Up card machine. Being able to accept card payments at all future events will significantly enhance our fundraising efforts going forward so don’t worry if you don’t have cash handy and want to contribute!

The Clifftop Festival fundraiser quiz night was definitely memorable with a mix of fun, camaraderie, and intellectual stimulation. It also shows the power of coming together, celebrating our shared interests to support the causes that enrich our community offer many benefits.

Following the event, Event Manager, Vicky Webber, said: “This Clifftop Festival fundraiser quiz night exceeded our expectations in every way. It was an incredible combination of community spirit, laughter, fun and a bit of healthy competition. We are truly grateful to everyone involved and to the Pavilion Theatre for their invaluable support. It’s nights like these that remind us of the power of coming together and the positive impact we can make as a community.”

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