Lacons Beer Guide

Alongside draft lager, wine, cider and spirits you will find these locally brewed beers available in the Main Music Arena (Arena 11)


Encore (3.8%) 

A Pale Ale, pakced with a smooth citrus punch. Balanced dry pine and zesty flavour throughout that finishes with a robust long bitterness

Legacy (4.4%)

Lemon and Grapefruit on the nose. Light blonde ale, deep with flavour. Lemon and lime bates the palate to a lengthy mellowed finish

Falcon (4.2%)

Classic bitter with an auburn glint. Balanced with charming complex flavours that are lightly spiced. The finish is fruity and bitter. First introduced in 1926 to pay tribute to the iconic Lacons trademark, which is part of the official crest of the Lacons name. A good honest ale that also fits perfectly with the family’s motto, “in integrity is true honour”.

Highlight (4.8%)

Light blonde, brimming with lustful tropical fruits. Aromas of citrus long into the finish that is laced with delicate floral notes.
Introduced in 1957 and named after the popular TV programme of the time, Highlight was launched with a major press campaign asking the drinker to “sip it, savour it, then drink with relish – the best of Pale Ales!”


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